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The New York Times
Nov. 12, 1986
Music: John Nauman, Piano
"The entire evening was contained in Mr. Nauman's elegant world... a pianist of considerable sensitivity".

The Boston Globe
"This very familiar music was superbly played, with a kind of fresh and imaginative phrasing that revealed some of the originality and daring listeners must have heard in the work when it was new. How pleasent to meet Mr. Nauman. His Tchaikovsky is excellent!"

Los Angeles Times
"A musician of tremendous facility... (Nauman), plays a wide variety of music confidently and gives every sign of caring about reaching his listeners... (Nauman's) abundant command of color and dynamics demanded admiration".

Chicago Tribune
"...plays Liszt more brilliantly and Mozart more sensitively than many".

The Arizona Daily Star
Jan. 19, 1999

Liszt Sonata No Match For Pianist Nauman
"Nauman always guided the listener through complexity by the by emphasizing the most important parts of the musical narrative".

The Sun
Oct. 4, 1993
Symphony Delivered a Bit of Romance
"Nauman's cascades of delicate runs in the last movement were impressive and quite beautiful".

Music Review by Jean-Pierre Barricelli
"Nauman played it with unquestionable dexterity and a good measure of fluid lyricism, winding up dazzling with a wondrous display of agility. And as he sprang upwared while releasing the final chord, the large audience rose to its feet in spontaneous applause."

The Desert Sun
April 10, 1989

New Yorker Wins Key Competition
"Nauman expressed the purist classicism of the gentle Mozart with feather-like fingers that literally caressed the keyboard".